Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick Tip

One of my favorite places to shop is the dollar store.  And one of the great things about the dollar store is their organizational products.  Every time I visit I check out all the baskets and bins and other products they offer to make organizing your home a frugal venture.  A recent find was these cute little baskets that fit very nicely in that small shelf in my refrigerator.  You know the one, next to the cheese drawer.  The one that is so short that it barely holds anything.  Well, I store my yogurt there.  But my son was becoming frustrated with that because he would have to take all the yogurt cups out to find the one he wanted, since they tend to get shoved to the back of the shelf.  This little basket fixed that.  It fits 6-8 yogurt cups nicely.  Now he can easily pull the entire basket out, choose the flavor he wants and return the rest with no mess and no frustration.  The baskets came as a 2 pack so I still need to find a use for the other one, but I'm so glad I picked them up.  They are perfect for that short shelf!

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