Saturday, April 20, 2013

Goodwill Score!

The kitchen re-organization is coming along slowly.  So, no post about that just yet.  But I did want to share a Goodwill treasure I found.  I've been wanting a food dehydrator but couldn't justify buying a new one because I wasn't sure how often we'd use it.  My intention is to use it mostly to preserve our garden harvest. But for now I've been experimenting with other things.  This day I decided to make strawberries and bananas.  I used fresh bananas and frozen strawberries.

Started them around 8 am.

By 1:00 the strawberries were done.  Although I wasn't thrilled with the way they turned out.  Next time I will try using fresh ones, not frozen.  And I should have lined the trays because they really stuck!

Still tasty though.

The bananas took a while.  Almost 5:00 pm and not there yet.

A little before 8:00 (almost 12 hours later!) they were finished.

These were a hit with my son, who refuses to eat fresh bananas because he doesn't like the texture.  I'm so happy that he likes them, since store bought banana chips often have added sugar.  These are nothing but fruit and so delicious!