Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas Do-Over

Time for a quick (and very late!) Christmas wrap up then we'll move on to other things!

Our son has a small tabletop tree in his room, which he decorates every year with mini ornaments.

Someone's been messing around in the refrigerator!

It's our elf, who my son named "Crispy Cat."

That elf sure likes being silly with refrigerators!

We enjoyed a second Christmas at my parents' house.  My mother's tree was Santa Claus themed.

She Always does such a lovely job of decorating it.

This guy was my favorite.

One of my favorite gifts this year was a Starbucks holiday mug.  There's no simpler pleasure than drinking your favorite beverage from your favorite mug.

Our modest Christmas morning.  That green race car was a hit!

This was our Christmas Eve dinner.  We nibbled on this throughout the evening while decorating the tree and watching The Polar Express.

My mother-in-law sent some Angry Birds ornaments for my son.  He loved them!

Testing out the remote control car on Christmas morning.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I'm ready for Spring now!

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