Friday, June 7, 2013

Organizing the Kitchen: Part Two-ish

I've been moving things around and changing them so much that my previous posts are not really valid anymore.  This side counter is one of my biggest challenges.  I didn't like how the desk organizer looked so I got rid of it, intending to give it a makeover.

In the meantime this metal desk organizer went in its place and it worked for a while but I really wanted to get that other piece back in there.

I finally finished it today.  I just used some black craft paint and contact paper from the dollar store.

And I love how it turned out!

Part of my kitchen re-org is just purging things I don't really like and keeping (or buying, if it's budget friendly) things I do love.  I am a collector of all things coffee so when I saw this cute little candle at the dollar store I grabbed it.  The candle smells like chocolate and I'll definitely keep the little mug in my coffee collection long after the candle is spent.

I also recently purchased this sweet lady for my kitchen.  The artist has an Etsy shop and her stuff is gorgeous!  Check her out here.

One little thing I did was take my hot pads out of the drawer and hung them on a Command hook beside my fridge.  They are out of sight but within easy reach.  And no more taking up valuable drawer space!

And since I took those plastic drawers away I had to figure out some new k-cup storage.  So I overhauled the drawer under the coffee maker and added a little dollar store basket which fits a dozen k-cups perfectly and the plastic spoons my husband prefers to stir with.  If I don't keep the spoons there I can fit 15 k-cups in the basket.  The rest are stored in the pantry room so I just refill the basket once a week.  I also bought another little dollar store basket to keep those short spice jars organized and moved the Old Bay to another cabinet.  It's working out well so far.

Remember to check our my Pinterest boards for more organizing ideas!

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