Monday, September 24, 2012

Iced Coffee How-To

As promised, an iced coffee post.  Although there isn't much to tell.  Iced coffee is very simple to make.  There are numerous recipes and techniques all over the internet.  Many people favor Pioneer Woman's method.  It's really just coffee and water, any way you do it.  The difference is the ratio of coffee to water.  Depending on how strong you like it.  Some people make an iced coffee concentrate and then add water to it.  I don't bother with that.  I drink it as is, with my usual sweetened creamer.  

I bought myself a special jar to make iced coffee in.  I love it.

You want to give it a good stir until you get a "bloom" on top.  A nice thin layer of froth.  The coffee grounds won't dissolve all the way but if you've got the bloom, you're good to brew.

I do mine on the counter top overnight.  Some people do it in the fridge.  The key is to just use cold water (filtered if you like) and a strong roasted coffee.  Cold brewing brings out the subtle flavors of coffee and you won't get the acidity or bitterness that brewing with hot water can give you.  In the morning (or approximately 8-12 hours later) strain the coffee (just use regular paper coffee filters and a funnel, nothing fancy), add your favorite creamer and enjoy!  If you really want to get fancy you could freeze some coffee into ice cubes since regular water ice cubes can dilute that sweet iced coffee quickly on a hot day!

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